Hiking in Costa Rica. 3 nice trails that you must experience.

Hiking in Costa Rica. Three beautiful routes that you must experience.

In Costa Rica we have 27 national parks and most of them have very well maintained trails.

Although there are parts of the terrain that are rough in the mountainous areas, the rides are very safe.

When doing your hiking tour you will be able to pass, according to your route, through tropical dry forests.

There are also remote tropical jungles and volcanoes.

Even through those passes you will have the opportunity to see the great variety of wildlife.

For you to have an unforgettable experience, part of it should include views from your location. These views would otherwise be impossible.

For example, reaching the tops of certain places, or that the trails pass through places of biodiverse nature where you can see the most exotic specimens.

Or simply reach paradisiacal places where you can practice zip-lining, cycling, horseback riding or bathing in hot springs.

You should know that, normally, a normal hiking experience will not be tiring and overwhelming, because the duration of the journeys is a few hours, added to the trails or paths in good condition.

Yes, there are levels of “difficulty” in the routes according to the section, which can range from easy to challenging.

This experience would be even more optimal if you go with a naturalist guide, who would make the most of your experience. Wherever you are, a national park in Costa Rica is never far from your point.

It is always important that you know that there may be entrance fees to the parks and that they also have their closing seasons due to the season or volcanic activity

Below, we present three good routes that you should not miss out on in your hiking practice:

Arenal Vocano National Park

arenal volcano national park
Arenal Volcano National Park

The hiking trails in this park stand out because they have direct views of the Arenal Volcano.

Arriving at the airports, both in San José and Liberia, are about three hours away by car.

If your destination is La Fortuna de San Carlos, you will find this natural wonder.

The conical volcano is the center of one of the best known parks in Costa Rica.

Its trails are easy to moderate, and hikers will find it open daily.

At the base of this volcano you can find unique species of animals and plants in primary and secondary tropical forests, as well as old lava flows.

hiking in arenal hanging bridge costa rica

In a not so well-known sector called Cerro Chato, there is an inactive crater that is difficult to access, but those who decide to go there, of course with due precautions, at the bottom of the crater can see an amazing emerald green lake.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

In the mountainous northwest of Costa Rica is the city of Monteverde. It is highlighted because its biodiverse forests are among the clouds.

Without any doubt a great place to go hiking in Costa Rica!

hiking in Monteverde cloud forest reserve - sgin
Monteverde cloud forest reserve

This well-known reserve has innumerable fauna with a variety of species.

The species such as jaguars, ocelots and the wonderful resplendent quetzal with its colorful feathers.

Among many other unique birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

The attractiveness of its trails is that plants such as orchids and ferns that you can see in the reserve, and its distinctive suspension bridges rise high above the foliage of the forests, creating an impressive view.

hiking in Monteverde cloud forest reserve map
Monteverde cloud forest reserve map

You will be able to walk approximately 3 kilometers through the cloud forest.

There is where the trails gets combines with 8 of these suspension bridges that vary in length from 50 to 170 meters.

Although its climate is pleasant throughout the year, it varies between dry and rainy seasons.

So you can still visit it in the season you want.

Tenorio National Park

The Tenorio Volcano National Park is, if not the most popular, one of the most popular in Costa Rica as a must-see destination for all hikers.

Volcan Tenorio National Park

This park has trails built in panoramic positions. A unique place to go hiking!

Crossing both the primary tropical forest and the cloud forest and its unavoidable final destination is the Rio Celeste Waterfall.

Although the trail is not that difficult, you should always travel with the corresponding precautions and thus be able to enjoy its unique and extraordinary landscape.

You will be able to see Its attractions from different points.

But if you want one of the best views you can go down some stairs that take you to the base where the water flows into the natural pool that dazzles with bright colors.

hiking in Rio Celeste Volcan Tenorio National Park
Rio Celeste Volcan Tenorio National Park

The best time to appreciate it in its maximum splendor is the dry season, since the blue tones are much more vibrant.

To relax after visiting the waterfall sector, you can descend to the Pozo Azul sector, which presents an impressive view.

Check here more pictures of the Volcan Tenorio National Park

Other routes where you can go hiking and see animals in their habitat

hiking in the rainforest with jungle life

Braulio Carrillo National Park with over 150 types of mammals on these uncrowded trails.

Children have an alternative tram ride that takes you through the rainforest canopy.

Cahuita National Park has hiking trails near the Caribbean Sea.

It has flat trails that run parallel to the beach and allow you to see the turquoise color of the sea, as well as marine and terrestrial fauna.

Carara National Park It stands out for the landscape of nesting scarlet macaws.

It is very close to the city of San José. Carara is one of the most popular parks in the country, offering easy wildlife viewing.

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