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At Jungle Life, we believe Costa Rica´s biodiversity is worth seen from people all over the world. Since our family has lived for decades in Bijagua, we have always recognized the beauty of the biodiversity that can be appreciated in this place, but it was about 2 years ago that our dream of making available for people a place that collects this natural experience, was born.
Our place is beautiful! You will find a homely place where animals such as sloths, frogs, birds, and monkeys (among many others) live free in their natural habitat. Our commitment with nature is not to interfiere with its daily dynamics, and our commitment with you is making your experience as nice as possible, which is why we have designed our trails with a soft layer of sawdust for comfortable walks but also for the footsteps of our visitors to be as silent as possible, so that wildlife can be observed without impacting the activities of the natural habitat.
Our team rocks! Highly experienced bilingual tour guides will welcome you, show you the wonders of the forest and explain everything you need to know regarding nature and its behavior, throughout the whole tour. Also, you will be offered a snack of Costa Rican coffee and a traditional pastry by friendly members of our staff.
Jungle Life is a family company committed with the preservation and appreciation of Costa Rica`s flora and fauna. We invite you to come and find out for yourself what we are talking about.

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