Bijagua, Costa Rica – Practical Tourist Guide

Bijagua in Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places worthy of being visited.
bijagua costa rica

If you are a nature lover and want to meet other cultures, you should not miss this place.

In this article we share a basic practical guide about Bijagua. You will learn about their customs, history, attractions and tourist information.

Also we share information about Bijagua’s attractions, about Tenorio Volcano National Park, Celeste River waterfal, and other main themes related to Bijagua.

Bijagua, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica we find this beautiful town called Bijagua de Upala, located 26 km south of the city of Upala.

We will find two volcanoes that surround Bijagua de Upala, the Miravalles and Tenorio volcano. About 2000 people reside in this town.

Bijagua de Upala
Bijagua is located 26 km from Upala, in the North of Costa Rica

Its economy is driven by agriculture and livestock. They have a cheese factory and everything produced is distributed throughout the country.

Bijagua forests are wonderful and are one of the main tourist attractions. The community is coordinated to give good attention to tourists who come from all over the world.

Bijagua is located 10 miles (16km) from the Tenorio Volcano National Park and the famous “Río Celeste” (The light blue river). This park is one of the main tourist attractions in the area.

The inhabitants of Bijagua are mostly simple people. Due to the lack of infrastructure and remoteness of the place they were forced to manage themselves, making Bijagua a tourist place.

Their houses maintain a traditional infrastructure with all modern services.

lodge bijagua costa rica

Cultural information and traditions

Bijagua people are characterized by their religious fervor, shook of their ancestors.

Although their main language is Spanish, there are many people who speak English.

Especially those dedicated to tourism.

The English language teaching to the inhabitants of the community is also in process to be able to provide better service to foreigners.

Traditional House in Bijagua
Typical house in Bijagua Costa Rica

The community is always full of joy when August 2 approaches.

On this date the day of the Virgin of Los Angeles, the patron saint of Bijagua, is celebrated.

On this date there are several activities carried out for people to participate and to raise funds for the Catholic Church.

Animals and other products are auctioned. Everything that can express fervor and devotion to the Virgin.

The nearby communities join to give a welcome serenade to “La Negrita” and enjoy the cart parades.

In Bijagua, wildlife and local culture are abundant. Its picturesque infrastructures, with local and international gastronomy makes possible for you to experience a new culture.

Farm fields cover to the edge of the forest.

How do I get to Bijagua?

If you are in San José, you have a 199 km distance by road.

The buses of San Jose Terminal Transport of Upala leave 2 times a day at their corresponding schedules. The trip lasts about 3h 40 mins from the capital.

Mapa ruta San Jose Upala
Route Map San José – Upala

To get to Bijagua you can do it by bus or by car

If you want to venture traveling by car, we recommend that you go with a traction vehicle.

But don’t worry, the street from San José to Bijagua is in very good condition. However, having a 4×4 will allow you to explore the area with greater peace of mind and get the best of experience.

How to get to the Tenorio Volcano Park?

It is an honor to guide you in what will be a unique experience for you, because once you arrive in Costa Rica, you will have the options to venture on a guided trip for you or go to experts in the field.

Our Jungle Life Costa Rica guides will make your experience in Bijagua unique.

From San José, you will start the trip to the Tenorio Volcano National Park along the main road that goes to San Carlos, until you reach Upala.

Once in Upala you must take the path that goes to Bijagua. You must follow the street for about 50 kilometers, until you reach the entrance of the park.

Attractions in Bijagua Costa Rica

Among the natural beauties that can be found in Bijagua, the Río Celeste Waterfall and the Tenorio Volcano National Park stand out.

Something very interesting, if you are a lover of Sloths in Costa Rica you should mention it to your guide. In Bijagua you can have an sighting of these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

Sloth in Costa Rica hanging from tree
Sloth in Costa Rica hanging from tree

Bijagua of Costa Rica, the flora also abounds in all its varieties, such as wild orchids and other rare species of plants.

Heliconia in Bijagua
Heliconias in Bijagua

Río Celeste in Bijagua Costa Rica

If you come to Bijagua, one of the attractions that you should not miss is “Río Celeste” (The Light Blue River)

This river with its special color in really light blue, has a length of 14 km. It is preserved and protected by the community so that it can be enjoyed by every tourist,

Rio Celeste in Bijagua Costa Rica
Río Celeste in Bijagua, Costa Rica

The phenomenon of the color of the waters of Río Celeste has a scientific explanation.

Sometimes, looking at a photograph, people think it is fake. But when they arrive at the place they are amazed.

The phenomenon of Celeste Rio is something that you should not miss.

Río Celeste Waterfall

Several waterfalls retain this peculiar light coloration. Some of them reach 30 meters of fall.

Río Celeste Waterfall
Río Celeste Waterfall in Costa Rica near to Bijagua

Bijagua Costa Rica Rainforest Tours

One of Bijagua’s greatest attractions is the Rainforest Tours

It is one of the best places in Costa Rica to enjoy nature and observe a great divesity of animals in its natural habitat.

Frog in Bijagua Costa Rica
Frogs are an attraction in Bijagua

Sloths, Monkeys, Toucans, Frogs, are just some of the animals that you can observe in the Rainforest tours.

In Bijagua you will find a variety of frogs with a wide variety of colors.

From 6pm, after sunset, you can enjoy a beautiful concert of sounds and colors.

It is a unique experience, outdoors, with all the splendor of the night where all kinds of insects appear and harmonized by the song of frogs.

Tenorio National Park

This volcano has a height of 1916 meters, located in Costa Rica, in the Guanacaste mountain range. Formed by four volcanic cones. It has been in inactivity since 1984.

Volcan Tenorio National Park, near to Bijagua
Volcan Tenorio National Park

In the Tenorio volcano it is of great value, it welcomes many species of fauna and flora, and even virgin territories where the human being has even entered. This means a lot for habitat conservation.

Night activity in Bijagua, Costa Rica

When the night falls for some species the day ends but for others its activity begins, if you like the night sound of nature, this will be wonderful for you.

You will have the opportunity to see frogs, insects, snakes, even the Central American tapir that is in danger of extinction.

Keep in mind the weather

If you want to enjoy the rainy tropical forest, you must take into account the weather.
February, March and April are the hot months and with less rain, you can make your journey without any problem.
In Bijagua of Costa Rica the climate is tropical.

Being a tropical jungle, the average temperature in Bijagua is 27° C almost all year round.

At night it is cold and damp.

However, in the mountains, it is very normal for it to rain, even during Costa Rica’s dry season.

Bijagua hotels in Costa Rica

In Bijagua de Upala you can find varieties of hotels and accomodation for your to stay while participate in the different activities and tours.

We want to give you some options so you can plan your stay according with your budget.

Hotel Catarata Río Celeste

The Catarata Río Celeste Hotel is one of the hotels that has closer to the waterfall of the Celeste River, just 1.5 km away. It has a restaurant and parking.

Hotel Catarata Río Celeste
Hotel Catarata Río Celeste

Bijagua Rincon Verde

In Bijagua you will find this beautiful place, the Bijagua green corner, has a view of the lake and a beautiful garden.
Parking and wifi is free. They are 13 km from the Río Celeste Waterfall.

Hotel Rincón Verde Bijagua Costa Rica
Hotel Rincón Verde, Bijagua

Cabinas Vista Miravalles

In Cabinas Vista Miravalles you can have access to a shared room.

There is parking and wifi throughout the enclosure, as well as garden, terrace and the kitchen is shared.

It is located in Bijagua about 47 km from the waterfall.

Cabinas Vista Miravalles in Bijagua Costa Rica
Cabinas Vista Miravalles

Bijagua Costa Rica Map

Bijagua Costa Rica map

Go to google map

Recommendations for Tour in the National Park.

  • The full route takes approximately 3 hours. It is important that you carry something light to eat and water.
  • If you have children, accompany them all the time and explain the different things that you can see there.
  • Never deviate from the path. You could miss in the forest.
  • It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.
  • You must have repellent. We are in a tropical area and mosquitoes are abundant.

Activities outside the Park

The park and waterfall are not the only attractions in Bijagua.

There are many other activities that you can do and that you should not miss.

Moreover, you can join a sloths or frog watching tour and enjoy the nature even more.

Group of tourists walking in the rainforest
Group of tourists walking in the rainforest

Private tours are an excellent option to know in more detail the beauties of the rainy tropical forest in Costa Rica.

Frequent Asked Questions

Is it possible to swim in Río Celeste ?

Within the National Park it is not possible to swim in the river.

Although there are areas to swim outside the park.
Some companies even offer kayaks tours in the river.

What is its main the main attraction in Bijagua?

In Bijagua de Upala, the greatest attraction is Waterfall, the Blue pond and “Los teñideros”. This is the place where “Río Celeste” is born.

If you are in Bijagua you can not miss these wonders.

Is there a telephone signal when doing the tours?

In the Tapir Valley Natural Reserve there is no telephone signal.

However, it is a good opportunity to keep yourself far from technology and enjoy the beautiful views of the rainy tropical forest.

hotel in bijauga

What is the opening hours of the Volcan Tenorio National Park?

The Park is opening to all audiences from 08:00 to 14:00 hs

Where to stay in Bijagua?

Accommodations in Bijagua are not just comfortable hotels.

There are also private cabins and beautiful houses where tourists can find everything they need to fully enjoy their view.

Bijagua Costa Rica Guide – Summary

Bijagua is a beautiful place located at 199km from the capital San José.

The maximum attraction in the area is the waterfall of Celeste, located in the Volcán Tenorio National Park, 16km from the town.
In Bijagua there are many interesting activities to do.

The Tours of Sloths and frogs in the rainy tropical forest are the most recommended.

Furthermore, there are beautiful hotels where you can spend the night to fully enjoy your visit.

If you want to come to know Bijagua, send us a message. We will be happy to guide you. You can join one of our Sloths tours and know the wonderful rainy tropical forest.

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