Sloth Tour in Costa Rica Rainforest


🕰️ Approximately 1-hour tour
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This sloth tour in Costa Rica allows you to enjoy a one-hour walk in the tropical rain forest and observe these fantastic animals in their natural environment
Note: From 5 years old and under, the tour is free of charge.

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The sloth tour in costa rica offers a unique experience to meet the wildlife of the tropical rain forest, accompanied by expert guides.

About the Sloth Tour in Costa Rica

This incredible one-hour walking tour will challenge your senses as you see these beautiful mammals wisely camouflaging themselves in the trees.

You will find them sleeping, moving slowly or eating “Guarumo” shoots, and you may even see their curious and seemingly smiling faces.

Our expert tour guides will teach you everything you need to know about sloths and help you find the perfect pictures so you will always remember this wonderful experience with nature.

Sloth Tour Costa Rica


Tour Details

The sloth tour lasts approximately 1 hour with an approximate distance of 1.4 kilometers.

It is important to mention that our trails are designed so that they can be traveled by people of all ages and do not represent a major physical effort.

There are only three steps for people who want to take a photo in a tree.

During this Sloth Tour in Costa Rica it is possible to observe several animals. The 2-clawed and 3-clawed sloths, masked frogs, KOLBI and BLUEJEANS.

Iris-billed Toucans and Brown-billed Toucans and sometimes aracaris can also be observed more frequently during the mornings and afternoons.

Other types of birds that can be seen are: momotidae, hummingbirds, trogons, tanagers and some sparrowhawks.

Our paths are designed with stone sand and sawdust, with the purpose of being as silent as possible.

This allows visitors to observe the largest number of animals without impacting the daily wild activity and at the same time experience a comfortable walk.

Sloth Costa Rica Tour FAQs

Some frequently asked questions from our visitors about the sloth tour in Bijagua, Costa Rica

where can you find a sloth ?

Sloths live most of their lives in trees. It is possible to find them mainly in Guarumo trees.
In Bijagua, Costa Rica, it is possible to find these animals.
The Sloths Tour allows you to observe them in their natural state.

Can you touch a sloth ?

No. Sloths  are usually found high up in trees. During the Tour we avoid direct contact with the animals and limit ourselves to observing them in their natural environment.

I’m in Bijagua. Are there sloth tours near me?

Jungle Life Costa Rica is located 5 minutes from downtown Bijagua and 15 minutes from the Rio Celeste Waterfall.
If you are visiting Rio Celeste or are staying in the area, it is an excellent opportunity to join a sloth tour.



  • Wear comfortable and appropriate walking shoes.
  • Dress in lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for the day’s weather.
  • Consider bringing a hat or cap and sunscreen if the tour involves time in the sun.
  • Carry a light jacket or sweater in case of unexpected weather changes.
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