5 birds you must see in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, birds represent a high biological diversity within the fauna of this country.

This is due to its location and geological origin, such is its diversity that it is one of the largest per square meter in the American continent.

We see this diversity of birds divided into four ornithological provinces: Highlands, Caribbean Slope, North Pacific and South Pacific.

It is important to know that some 19 species of birds are globally threatened. 9% of the known bird species in the world are in Costa Rica.

Birdwatching in Costa Rica is a great idea!

For all of that, we bring you today, 5 birds you must see in Costa Rica.

The hawk

When talking about birdwatching Costa Rica we must named the hawk.

It is a scavenger and predatory species resident in Costa Rica, also known as bearded vulture, inhabits the drylands of the northwest of the country, in the provinces of Puntarenas and Guanacaste.

It is a bird that avoids the interior of dense forests and you can often see it perched on a tree by the side of a road or in a pasture.

The medium-sized Caracara cheriway is also one of the most familiar hawks in Costa Rica.

birds in costa rica-Grey hawk Costa Rica
Grey hawk in Costa Rica

The dove

When birding in Costa Rica you will be able to see three varieties of pigeons of the genus Zentrygon that are endemic to Costa Rica and Panama, highlighting the Costa Rican partridge pigeon (Zentrygon costaricensis).

This ground pigeon feeds on forage, fallen fruit, insects, and seeds.

Costa Rican Partridge-Dove (Zentrygon costaricensis), endemic to Costa Rica and Panama.

White dove Costa Rica
White dove in Costa Rica

The Toucan

One of the wonders of birds that you can see in Costa Rica is the toucan, it has a huge bill with bright colors that, in some of the 6 species, is larger, even exceeding half the body length.

The larger toucans usually have black plumage with white, yellow and scarlet touches.

Rainbow-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus), also called King Curré, is the most colorful toucan in the country.

Birds in costa rica-Yellow throated toucan Costa Rica
Yellow throated toucan Costa Rica

The woodpecker

In Costa Rica 16 species are known. It is a striking bird that you will observe for its peculiar activity.

These birds use their sharp-tipped tails for support as they climb up vertical logs. They have strong, sharp beaks, with which they pick insects out of trees, and they also eat fruit.

Birds in Costa Rica- Black cheeked woodpecker Costa Rica
Black cheeked woodpecker in Costa Rica

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The Blackbird

The escarchero blackbird is one of the 15 species of this family of Costa Rican fauna. It abounds in the heights, lives in the forests of giant oaks, also in pastures.

These blackbirds collect many fruits and seeds from the trees and smaller plants that grow on them, and also search for insects and spiders in the grass of the pastures.
Escarchero of the Hill of Death.

 The escarchero blackbird
The escarchero blackbird in Costa Rica

When is the best time to watch birds in Costa Rica?

You can get to see native birds from Costa Rica all year long.

Some people find birdwatching best time is during dry season, which goes from November to April.

In junglelifecr there is always a huge range of species to see and to get to know, native species and and those who come from the north seasonally.

Make sure to book with us and enjoy your best experienece ever.

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